Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol 55 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid used in moderate temperature applications [-15 F to 550 F or -25oc to 290oc]. Therminol 55 delivers a number of important performance benefits:

  • Long Life Therminol 55 is a true 550v F [290oc] fluid. You will get years of reliable, cost effective performance, even when operating your system continuously at 550oc F [290oc]. This means you do not have to over specify your fluid
  • Non Fouling Because Therminol 55 is a synthetic fluid , it resists the effects of oxidation 10 times better than mineral oils. Less oxidation means less solids formation and much less fouling. For systems without nitrogen interring, the performance advantages are significant.
  • Superb Low Temperature Pumpability Thermial 55 is still pump able at -15o F ( -25oc) , long after mineral oils have become jelly- like. In fact, some mineral oils will not pump at temperatures below 20oF (-7oc).with Therminol 55, your heat transfer fluid system can start-up quickly and easily.
  • Low Cost This list of performance features does not cost a fortune. Call to see how affordable Therminol 55 can be.

Therminol 55 is used in a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • Natural gas purification
  • Plastics / Molding operations
  • Asphalt and petroleum product storage
  • Bio Diesel

Typical Physical, Chemical and thermal Properties of Therminol 55 :