The High Efficiency Solid Fuel Fired Thermic Fluid Heater

Combustion Technology

Complete combustion of solid fuel is achieved by thorough mixing of fuel, air and self sustainable combustion temperature ensured by adequate oxygen to every particle of fuel.

Every solid fuel has different physical and chemical properties which influence the design and performance of the furnace in Thermic Fluid Header, Different combustion system are shown in below diagrams.

Low grade fuels are best handled using FBC technology to give good results. Thermotech's unique design for efficient combustion to suit different solid fuels, lie cocal, lignite, wood waste. Husk, Petcoke, bagasse & Biomass fuels results in to low operating cost, trouble free operation and lesser maintenance.

Fluidised Bed Combustion

Fluidised Bed Combustion Technology is best suited for some of the fuels like low grade coal, paddy husk, agro wastes, etc., with high ash content.

FBC Technology ensures :

  • Homogeneous mixing of fuel ensuring efficient combustion due to high turbulence in bad.
  • Automatic operation for consistent performance, hence less dependency on labors during continuous operation.
  • Efficient Combustion of low grade fuels.

Application Industries
Chemical, Textile, Plywood & Laminates, Petroleum, Packaging, Plastic, Rubber, Pharmaceauticals, Food Processing,Metal Finishing Etc.

Benefits :

  • Low Fuel Cost
  • Full Production
  • No Fuel Crisis

Auto Controls & Safeties

  • Thermic Fluid Temperature Control
    Digital temperature indicator cum controller cut of ID/FD fan at preset temperature and restarts at preset differential temperature to maintain system temperature.
  • Low/No Flow of Thermic Fluid
    Differential pressure switch connected across inlet & outlet headers signals low flow alarm in case of low fluid pressure of thermic fluid in coils.
  • Thermic Fluid Pump Motor Trip
    In case of thermic fluid pump motor trip, electrical interlocks cut off ID/FD fan.
  • Excess Furnace Bed Temperature
    Digital temperature indicator cum controller senses furnace bed temperature & cut off ID/FD fan above set value (for FBC unit).
  • Stock Temperature Control
    A Blind temperature controller cut of ID/FD fan & sound alarm if stack (flue gas) temperature exceeds to preset temperature.
  • Low Level of Thermic Fluid
    The visual level indicator & float actuated level switch fitted in expansion tank signals alarm in case of low level thermic fluid in the system.
  • Power Failure
    Diesel Engine drive keeps thermic fluid moving in the system to prevent it's degradation & overflow.

Thermic Fluid Heaters - Vertical

The vertical four pass thermic fluid heater is suited for various industries across India & abroad in this rapidly changing & undependable energy situation. Thermotech's generous design of vertical heaters coupled with integral furnace gives your an assurance of the rated output on any solid fuels like Cocal, Wood, Lignite, Husk, Bagasse, Pet coke, Sow dust, etc. without compromising on performance.

Thermotech can deliver sustainable solution ot meet your process requirement & thus improve process consistency & reduce downtime leading to further increase in profitability.

Efficiengy at Its Peak

Eluidised Bed Combustion
FBC technology ensure complete combustion, help homogeneous mixing of fuel, maintain uniform bed temperature & leave low unburnt fuel. guaranteeing 5 to 7% higher efficiency then any other combustion system.

Air Pre Heater (APH)
A Uniquely designed APH recover waste heat from flue gases and passes it to combustion chamber. This increase efficiency by 3 to 4% also reduce flue gas temperature at I.D. Fan which in turn reduce volume of air handled resulting in lower power consumption and ensure higher life of I.D. Fan,

Balance Draft
System ensure minimum infiltration of unwanted air through doors and fresh air passes through APH ensure maximum fuel to heat operating efficiency for any commercial grade to different fuels


Combustion System for Multi Fuels

Fixed Grate manual firing with Wood Waste, Coal, Lignite
Fixed Grate manual with Pneumatic Spreader Firing by Agrowaste fuels
Fluidised Bed Combustion suitable for firing of Paddy Husk, Pulverized Coal, Pet coke.

Mark Associiates is ready to serve the business enterprises who are in need the above equipments for factories where heating process is required as a dealer we take the complete responsibility of procurement, installation and service at affordable price.